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Using Arbin patented technology for humidification of condensation points, as well as highly accurate components, the FCTS series offers a highly reliable test solution.

elcal flex cruz verde

The system includes the management of the reaction gases in terms of humidity, pressure and flow required for supplying and discharging from the fuel cell stack. The following tests can be performed: polarization curves, internal resistance measurement, and lifetime testing. The test station offers the possibility of thermal control of the fuel cell stack so that the identification of the transitional phenomena influencing its behavior in a large range of temperatures is realized.

Complete Development Line for PEM Fuel Cells It includes: a system for producing diffusion layers using electrospinning, a computer controlled system for graphite processing for the production of bipolar plates numerically controlled millinga SONOTEK ultrasonic coating system for depositing catalysts on a carbon substrate, an internally developed system for assembling PEM fuel cells, a stamping or deposition system for sealed cells using the Nordson EV4 dispensing robot and a custom-made fuel cell testing stand.

Suitable materials for processing are: graphite, copper, aluminum, plastic, wood, sintered materials and steel finishing operations only. The system produces bipolar plates and current collectors to make fuel cells as well as for a number of other processes. The materials that can be processed are various: alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, duralumin, plastics, etc. Among the mechanical parts that can be executed there are: molds for cold and hot plastic deformation for the manufacture of tin products enclosures, storage vessels, laboratory equipment with specific configuration that cannnot be purchased from traditional manufacturers ; plastic injection molds for the purpose of making accumulator housings, rotors with blades that have complex spatial elcal flex cruz verde that are part of the liquid or gas transport systems; devices for fixing and assembling experimental installations.

Equipped with an optimal and accessible large working area, flexible expansion stages, 3- to 5-axis machines and roughing and finishing operations. Objet Connex 3D Printing System The Objet Connex 3D Printing System is used for the rapid and efficient prototyping of component parts, models and experimental plants, as well as for the manufacture of parts and subassemblies, tools and complex configuration devices that cannot be realized by traditional methods: mechanical processing, injection, plastic deformation.

It uses PolyJet Matrix layering technology, selectively spraying a liquid mixture of monomers, oligomers and photo-activators in a horizontal direction, which through a hardening process is subsequently transformed into a hard, polymeric material.

After each layer is deposited, it is leveled with a roller, and a UV lamp solidifies the material, layer by layer in a vertical direction. This technology allows the mixing of 3 of the 14 available materials, which are encapsulated in cartridges, to print 3D models with transparent windows, soft or elastic surfaces that simulate rubber, polypropylene or various industrial plastics. One of the materials is always the support material, designed to support the gaps and concavities of the model itself, and is finally removed elcal flex cruz verde washing.

PLS6MW Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform, Laser Cutting and Engraving Equipment The PLS6MW Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform laser cutting and engraving equipment is used for the precise cutting in complex configurations, following a 2D digital model, of the metallic, organic and inorganic materials of the components of some sealing systems, as elcal flex cruz verde as for the surface treatment of various materials that come into the composition of the experimental models and plants made.

Workbench integrates all your workflow needs pre-processing, simulation and post-processing as well as multiphysics functionality fluid-structure interaction, electronic-fluid coupling. ANSYS computational fluid dynamics CFD simulation software allows predicting with confidence the impact of fluid flows on your product — throughout design and manufacturing as well as during end use.

FEA analysis tools from ANSYS Structural provide the ability to simulate every structural aspect of a product: linear static analysis provides stresses or deformationsmodal analysis determines vibration characteristics and advanced transient nonlinear phenomena involving dynamic effects and complex behaviours.

elcal flex cruz verde

Group-New Materials for H2 Energy Ultrasonic Coating Machine The coating machine using a modern ultrasonic spray technique demonstrated a remarkable platinum mass power density due to the deposition of the right catalyst content on the electrodes by a simple method.

The control of the surface tension of the catalyst ink is fundamental to allow the catalyst layer deposition. An ultrasonic nozzle is used for the atomization of the ink. The amount of atomized liquid depends exclusively on the rate at which liquid is introduced onto the surface and deposited spray is repeatable in shape and uniformity and resilient to external disturbances.

The uniform thin film coating achieved with ultrasonic retains the porosity of the electrode and does not impede the transport of reactants due to flooding of the electrode surface. Coating process is fully computer controlled and can be programmed according to the coating area. Ultrasonic machine parameters during electrode coating are: spray head frequency 48 kHz, catalyst ink flow rate 0. Chemisorption capability is made possible with an C furnance with fan-assisted coolingautomatic isolation of flow-through cell, and fully programmable in-situ preparation and analysis sequences.

A variety of built-in options are available: TPX which uses an internal and fully integrated TCD elcal flex cruz verde for temperature programmed studies, offered with or without titration loop for pulse titration.

A complete and elaborated security system is integrated in microprocessor, independent of the computer. It is based on the application of a potential difference between a positively charged polymeric fluid kV and its dispersion on a negatively charged target, as a nanofiber.

elcal flex cruz verde

Nanofibers produced by electrospinning have two main properties: a very high volume-to-surface ratio and relatively flawless structure at the molecular level. The first property makes these nanofibers suitable for activities requiring high elcal flex cruz verde contact, such as providing sites for chemical reactions or capturing small particulate materials through successive filtration. The second property allows the nanofibers to approach the maximum theoretical strength of the spinning materials, opening the possibility to make composite materials with high mechanical performances.

These materials are used in: filtration, manufacture of catalysts and diffusion layers, textiles, implant materials, tissue repair, dressings, medicinal textile materials, composites. Electrochemistry PowerSuite software is required for the The offers a unique combination of compliance voltage up to ± V power available at the counter electrode and a maximum current of up to ±2 A.

These higher currently handling capabilities are needed for electrochemical applications in fuel cells, electrolysers, and battery research, electrodeposition, electrosynthesis, and corrosion on large electrodes. The booster system operates in potentiostat as well as galvanostat modes. Research in this field requires tools that can measure and apply high voltages and currents to investigate under real operating conditions the materials used in the construction of individual cells or the whole assembly.

The software includes most of the specific electrochemical and corrosion techniques: cyclic, linear, square wave, differential pulse voltammetry, chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry, analysis by stripping technique, EIS impedance, corrosion and pitting corrosion.

The system includes an assembly of electrolysis cells, as well as all other elcal flex cruz verde equipment required to regulate the operations of electrolysis and hydrogen pressurization. Auxiliary equipment is used to assist system functions: circulated water, hydrogen drying, hydrogen pressurization and system elcal flex cruz verde.

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The unit contains sensors and a control board to help monitor system performance and automate operation. Net hydrogen production is: 1. Ultrapure Water Production Equipment for the Electrolyzer The system aims to produce type I ultrapure water directly from the network water and to provide a constant flow to an electrolysis cell, at a predetermined temperature.

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The system allows the programming of a working regime flow, pressure, temperature for a determined period of time and ensures the control and adjustment of the water temperature at the entrance to the electrolysis cell according to the test parameters selected by the user, from the ambient temperature remedii articulare ieftine up to 90° C, with an accuracy of 0.

Carver CE. CVD is one of the most important methods for preparing thin layers and coatings of inorganic materials of different compositions. Perkin Elmer Frontier FT-NIR Spectrophotometer The Perkin Elmer Frontier FT-NIR spectrophotometer in the cm-1 range provided with ATR accessory is intended for the analysis of petroleum products from water and soil, routine analyses for environmental quality expertise, quantitative and qualitative analyses of organic and inorganic compounds, spectrum checks.

Currents up to 10 amps with a maximum potential of 30 V can be applied. Suitable for a variety of organic solvents and other chemical environments, it allows efficiency with excellent results in dispersion and homogenization mixing speed RPM; dispersion speed RPM.

It allows the deposition of electrode mixtures on the two-sided substrate, continuously or intermittently, elcal flex cruz verde the control of the thickness of the deposited layer. Provided with IR sensors for safe operation at the front feed with the electrode sheets, it allows the formation of electrodes with high cutting quality, good relief control and a cutting accuracy of ± 0.

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Provided with IR sensors for safe operation at the front feed with electrode rollers, it allows the formation of electrodes with high cutting quality, good relief control and cutting accuracy. It allows to determine the length of the electrodes and the speed of the electrodes. It is provided with digital display working speed, pressing force — max. The welding system is provided with LCD display, it allows the control of the parameters: time, number of electrodes max.

It is compatible with cylindrical cells.

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It can be used automatically for aluminum-laminated film rolls or semi-automatically for preset dimensions of aluminum-laminated films. Provides airtight physical barrier for working with materials sensitive to contamination under inert argon or vacuum environment.

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It is provided with control unit: color touch screen controller; oxygen sensors, humidity, elcal flex cruz verde, inside pressure, displaying the measured values on the digital touch screen of the camera. It allows dimensional and shape evaluation, as well as the generation of 3D CAD models, generating ready-to-use files as soon as the data acquisition is completed and can be used in all stages of product development, from concept and design to implementation and service. Software Platform — Creaform Vxlements It is a software platform used in synergy with 3D Creaform measurement technologies, which allows parametering and transferring files to any CAD platform using standard formats.

elcal flex cruz verde

It is designed to provide the necessary tools at all stages of product development. NX CAD has the possibility of 3D scanning that allows the user to digitize and, subsequently, parameterize all types of surfaces, from simple to complex geometries, is used for 3D construction of the finished product or its parts starting from an execution drawing.

NX CAM is an environment integrated in the same platform with which real-time processing is carried out and geometry changes will have their correspondence in modifications of the real-time processing strategy, without the need for a resumption of the entire technological design process.

OPAL-RT Electrical System Simulator Opal-RT is a system based on real time digital simulation, hardware-in-the-loop testing equipment and rapid control prototyping systems used to design, test and optimize control and protection systems for power grids, power electronics, for energy storage applications, automotive applications and so on. In its standard configuration, the lower part of the chassis contains a powerful target computer that can be added to a network of simulators or can act as a standalone.

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NovaSwiss It is a membrane compressor that guarantees the impossibility of oil contamination for balsamuri pentru farmacie pentru articulații compressed gas. It is used to simulate various vehicle speeds acceleration, cruise, deceleration and test the performance of the powertrain.

It is provided, among others, with advanced measurement and analysis solutions for the characterization of power supplies and power converters, as well as for checking elcal flex cruz verde troubleshooting automotive communication systems on various data buses CAN, LIN, FlexRay.

It supplies a DC current of up to A at a voltage of up to V, while limiting the power supplied to 15 kW. It has an interface that allows setting the value of the output sizes and monitoring them using analog signals V or V. The software platform offers access to simulation platforms and bus systems connected for ECU measurements, calibrations and diagnostics.